Gudauri Winter Tour

Gudauri is a snow resort in the Northern part of Georgia, Caucasus. It can offer various modern winter sports facilities, and you can enjoy snow the way it suits you. From playing snow-balls to heliski, from snowboarding to sunbathing in the snow – just pick any idea.

During the season, Gudauri is usually a bright, colorful clutter. People from all over the world, wearing vivid snow suits, enjoy life all over the place.

There are several benefits that make Gudauri so popular. First of all, the snow is great. It’s mainly present since November up to May, which makes the December-April period an almost guaranteed time for a suitable snow cover. The average depth of snow on a hill slope reaches 1,5 m.

It’s amazing, how snow and the sun coexist in this place. Gudauri is about 2000 m above the sea level, yet the weather is usually calm, warm and sunny here. When not involved in the snow sports, people casually walk around in t-shirts and summer cloths.

Gudauri is very close to the capital – Tbilisi. The transfer usually takes about 2 hours. This makes Gudauri a top destination for a 1-day trip to a snow resort, or you can come for any activity to Tbilisi, while staying in the snowy paradise.

The resort is situated in the alpine zone, with scarce bushes and almost no trees. This provides extra safety and comfort for skiing, snowboarding or other activities.

Heliski should be mentioned separately among them. This extreme activity is legal and comparatively more affordable in Georgia. It involves ascending a hill by a helicopter, and skiing down on untouched snow. You can also try freeridering, which is comfortable thanks to the “dry” snow.

The opportunities for skiing, as well as snowboarding, are almost unlimited. There are slopes with various angles, so even beginners can enjoy skiing. There are 4 types of sports tracks here: slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill. All the categories of tracks are reviewed by FIS (Federation International de Ski). The total length of the tracks is about 57 km.

If you can’t bring you own gear, it’s not a problem – there are skis, snowboards, helmets, goggles, sledges for rent in several places here, and the professionals can help you find the gear that fits you.

Gudauri is surrounded by the Great Caucasus Mountains. The resort is actually situated on the slopes of the Mt. Kudebi (3006 m.) and Mt. Sadzele (3307 m.). So, there is no shortage of magnificent views in the area.

There are several gondolas that will take you to impressive view points and the top of the ski and snowboarding tracks. 5 cable cars have been created by the Austrian company Doppelmayr, and will take you to various interesting places. There is a special Gondola built by the French company Poma, which covers the longest route in Caucasus, and takes you up from 1990m above the sea level up to 3270m.

Even if you don’t enjoy winter sports, you can still take a ride by the cable cars, have a drink with the background of the incredible mountain peaks, taste the local food and relish the atmosphere of the place.

10:00 - Leaving from Tbilisi;

12:00 - Gudauri ski resort;

13:30 - The slopes of the Mt. Kudebi (3006 m.);

15:00 - Mt. Sadzele (3307 m.);

16:00 – Gondola`s area;

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