The Cities of Rulers - Mtsketa

The first sight we are going to visit is Jvari. This is a monastery, overlooking confluence of two rivers – Mtkvari and Aragvi. It also has a beautiful view of Mtskheta itself – the ancient capital. Jvari is located on the top of the hill. It is an active monastery, with the 6th century church, built in an interesting technique.

Afterwards, we can drive towards Mtskheta. We will walk the cozy streets of the town. It used to be the capital and is still the religious center of Georgia. Here, we will have a wonderful boat trip. We will sail across both the river Mtkvari and Aragvi, explore the surrounding from the water.

Svetitskhoveli is an extraordinary church. It’s situated in the old district of Mtskheta and it will be our next stop. There are many legends and stories connected to it. The architecture is impressive and the reliefs give us clues to many secrets. The interior includes some important graves of kings and mysterious frescos.

Now we are ready for a delicious lunch and a wine-tasting in a local wine-cellar. We can explore the Georgian way of wine-making and learn more about its grape and wine varieties. It’s worth mentioning, that the first wine remains in the world have been discovered in Georgia. We will also “meet” the wine-making vessel “Kvevri”, which has a history of 8000 years.

An interesting place to visit after lunch could be Uplistsikhe. It is a town carved into rock. The name is literally translated as the Lord’s Fortress. Its history counts thousands of years. The town used to be a pagan religious center. Its development was connected to one of the routes of the Silk Road.

We have a wonderful recommendation for your dinner. It is Chateau Mukhrani – situated in a green and cool garden. The complex includes a wine-cellar, a restaurant, wine-factory. The place had been owned by the Mukhranbatoni family since the 16th c. After travelling to France, a family member – Ivane, created a chateau, producing wine and exporting it throughout Russia, Europe, and as far as USA.  

10:00 -  Leaving from Tbilisi;

11:00 -  Jvari monastery;

13:30 – Mtskheta, Svetitskhoveli;

16:00 -  Uplitsikhe;

18:00 -  Chateau Mukhrani;

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