Dental tour in Georgia -unforgettable smile's guarantee

Dental tourism is a part of medical tourism. It involves individuals seeking dental care outside their country and may be accompanied by a vacation. It is a novel concept of combining your paid vacation with your dental procedure schedule, which benefits customers who wish to save money or to get more value out of the investment. Some countries are much cheaper for dental care. One of them is Georgia. By going the straightforward route in Georgia, you’ll spend less and get the job done quickly. The main reason why you should choose Georgia is that we offer highly skilled doctors and ultra-modern techniques, which will allow you to get the service you need quickly and in high quality.

Our company offers all services that are connected to the Dental-Tour:

  • We will provide you with a visit to the clinic and sign up for a consultation

  • we will book a hotel for you, For the period when you wish to visit the clinic.

  • Our car and driver of our company will serve you from your arrival day till departure.

  • When you arrive, we will provide you a transfer from airport to Hotel.

  • During your visit to the clinic, you may have free hours or days. At this time, we will plan special tours for you around Georgia.

  • We cooperate with a well-known and experienced dental clinic in Georgia, who owns world-class accreditation and certificates.

Why did we choose this clinic?

It has a full spectrum of dental services; Highly qualified and experienced personnel; Modern high-tech equipment; Used the latest revolutionary technologies; Modern diagnostic radiology; Using only innovative plastic materials; Convenient schedule and location;

Acceptable pricing policy and a convenient payment form Individual plan of dental treatment; Free consultation and other benefits, if you will plan dental-tour with Ritsa Tours Agency.

What would be your profit, if you were given a dental tour with us?

  • If you enter the clinic through our company, you will automatically receive 10 - 20% discounts on different procedures.

  • You will not need to stand in the clinic queue.

  • Your visit will be preliminarily planned in Georgia with maximum accuracy.

  • Before arriving we will inform you about the amount of expenses required.

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