Kazbegi – See the “Bride Mountain”

  We are leaving early – so many sights are awaiting us on the way! As we drive along the famous Military Highway, we are going to stop near the Zhinvali water reservoir for amazing views of the calm blue water. 
The next interesting site is the Ananuri Complex, which combines medieval churches, defensivetowersand
breath-taking legends. We will also stop in Gudauri near the Monument of Friendship – a viewpoint that should not to be missed. As we enter the Alpine zone, the views are becoming even more impressive. We can taste the “Iron Water” from the spring next to the orange travertines, and head towards the Stephantsminda Village. We can already see the Kazbegi Mountain from here. The locals call it the “Bride”, as it is covered with snow all year, and often shyly hides its “face” in the clouds. 
There are options to either hike or take a 4x4 car to reach a hill with the famous view of the Gergeti Church. We can have our picnic lunch in the welcoming nature nearby. During the lunch, we have a chance to try the unique home-made dishes from this region. Finally, we can explore the Gergeti Trinity– the well-known sight above the clouds, with picturesque views and many secrets in the church.
After a day among the Caucasus Mountains, the best thing is to have a fulfilling meal with the local dishes, or even try cooking them yourself.


a.m. 10:00 - leaving from Tbilisi

a.m. 11:00 - the Zhinvali water reservoir

a.m. 11:40 - the Ananuri Complex

p.m. 13:30 - the Monument of Friendship

p.m. 15:30 – Kazbegi

p.m. 16:30 - the Gergeti Trinity Church

p.m. 17:00 - the Truso gorge

p.m. 18:00 - the Dariali gorge

p.m  19:00 – Drive back to Tbilisi

In Second day we can explore the Truso gorge, enjoy the views of travertines, a fortress, the mountain-rivers. We can also drive through the amazing Dariali gorge and visit a beautiful village. We will have a Picnic lunchinthe nature.
On the way back, we are going to stop at Pasanauri – a village famous for its cuisine. We can dine like the locals at a cozy family restaurant. 
Drive back to Tbilisi.  

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