Catch your idea in Gudauri

Gudauri is a snow resort in the Northern part of Georgia, Caucasus. Gudauri is very close to the capital – Tbilisi. The transfer usually takes about 2 hours. There are several benefits that make Gudauri so popular. First of all, the snow is great. The December-April period an almost guaranteed time for a suitable snow cover. Second, Gudauri provides extra safety and comfort for skiing, snowboarding or other activities.

The opportunities for skiing, as well as snowboarding, are almost unlimited. There are slopes with various angles, so even beginners can enjoy skiing. All the categories of tracks are reviewed by FIS (Federation International de Ski). The total length of the tracks is about 57 km.

If you can’t bring you own gear, it’s not a problem – there are skis, snowboards, helmets, goggles, sledges for rent in several places here, and the professionals can help you find the gear that fits you.

There are several gondolas that will take you to impressive view points and the top of the ski and snowboarding tracks.   

Even if you don’t enjoy winter sports, you can still take a ride by the cable cars, have a drink with the background of the incredible mountain peaks, taste the local food and relish the atmosphere of the place.

Meeting with our guide in Tbilisi international airport. Transfer from airport to hotel. If you will have time and energy, we can offer Tbilisi walking tour.

Overnight here in Tbilisi

Tbilisi tour starts from Freedom square, walking down to Baratashvili street called as a street of contrast, Gabriadze Theatre and clock tower, Patriarchate of Georgia, Bridge of peace, will take cable car ride to Narikala fortress, (IV century), where you can enjoy the stunning panorama over the city.  Also, see huge statue of Mother of Georgians – Kartlis Deda, walk-in narrow old streets and feel the soul of old Tbilisi, see Legvtakhevi small canyon with waterfall, explore brick-domed underground sulfur baths, the district of naturally hot mineral waters (17th century) – Abanothubani. Sulfur baths in Abanothubani, in the midst of the old town in Tbilisi, are famed to be the source of the city’s existence.

After Tbilisi, we will go toward Mtskheta, Georgian religion center. The first sight we are going to visit is Jvari. It has a beautiful view of Mtskheta itself – the ancient capital. It is an active monastery, with the 6th-century church, built in an interesting technique.

Afterward, we can drive towards Mtskheta. We will walk the cozy streets of the town. It used to be the capital and is still the religious center of Georgia. Here, we will have a wonderful boat trip on the river Mtkvari and Aragvi.

Our next stop will be church Svetitskhoveli, which situated in the old district of Mtskheta. The interior includes some important graves of kings and mysterious frescos.

Overnight here in Tbilisi

We are leaving early from Tbilisi. As we drive along the famous Military Highway, we are going to stop near the Zhinvali water reservoir for amazing views of the calm blue water.

The next interesting site is the Ananuri Complex, which combines medieval churches, defensive tower sand breath-taking legends. We will also stop in Gudauri near the Monument of Friendship. We can taste the “Iron Water” from the spring next to the orange travertines, and head towards the Stephantsminda Village.

In Kazbegi are options to either hike or take a 4x4 car to reach a hill to see the Gergeti Trinity church with the famous views. We can have our picnic lunch in the welcoming nature nearby. During the lunch, we have a chance to try the unique home-made traditional dishes from this region and try cooking them yourself.

Overnight in Kazbegi

In this day you will see Gveleti waterfall with breathtaking views. After that we will continue way to Dariali gorges, which located near the Georgian-Russian border. Here you can see medieval local style defensive buildings and villages.

Overnight in Kazbegi

This day we will see famous villages Sno and Juta, they situated on the high mountains above the skies, from here you can see wonderful views and places where you can taking photos. Here you can Arshi and Sno castle. After that villages you see kazbegi national park with beautiful alpine zone nature.

Overnight in Kazbegi

Truso Valley, source of Tegri (Terek) River is quite mystical and spectacular. It is known for its mineral water springs, white/yellow travertines, mineral lake with bubbles, towers of middle ages, -most notably Zakagori castle, villages on a very high altitude such as Resi (2350m), tasty cheese and Ossetian Khabidzginas (khachapuri with cheese and potatoes) and nice people. We will have a Picnic lunch in the nature. On the way back, we are going to stop at Pasanauri – a village famous for its cuisine. We can dine like the locals at a cozy family restaurant.

Drive to Gudauri and overnight here

This one more day you can use for skiing, snowboarding or just for walking. Bakuriani also offers a wide range of other winter experiences, like skating, driving snowmobiles and horse-ridden sledges, paragliding and breathtaking walks in the nature. This will be day to feel every moment.

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