Rustaveli Avenue Tour

The Rustaveli Avenue is the main street of the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi. This means, our tour will take you through probably the most important street of the country, and we will have possibility to uncover some of its many mysteries on the way.

During our walk, we will learn the many names of the current Freedom Square. We will explore some interesting statues and peek into the buildings that still keep the echoes of the past.

We can put this statement to test ourselves – there are no houses with identical metal wrought details, same ornament of the balconies, or similar murals.

Many buildings on our way have witnessed dramatic events, withstood important changes of the capital, were changed themselves and still kept their own atmosphere. There are many pearls to be discovered, if you know which narrow street to take, and where to take a shortcut between the buildings.

Of course, there are religious buildings on the way, too. Like an orthodox church, with the frescoes of so Georgian-looking saints and vine trees.

Some buildings became important as the time passed, collecting memories and impressing the events on their walls and stairs. Others have been built in an unusual way – for example, what do you think of adding wine to the concrete to make it last longer, or letting a huge church disappear under the new reliefs?

The tour includes some impressive views and interesting buildings, but it’s mainly about the stories behind these material remains which still stand today. It’s about the people, who made decisions and fought for their love, had creative ideas and cared for their city, made a fortune or wandered the streets broke, sang at the opera-house or demanded drinks at a tavern. The tour is about the real inhabitants of Tbilisi, and there is so much to tell about them.


11:00 - Starting tour from M-station Rustaveli;

15:00 – Freedom square;

16:00 - Centre of the city;

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